Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shop Hop 2017

Shop hop has begun and we are going into our third day. We have not posted in a very long time and thought a post would be good.

How about the beautiful weather for shop hop this year? We have not had any torrential rain yet like most years. It is due to come in tomorrow so get out there today and visit those shops you have not made it to yet.

Do you follow us on Facebook? That is where we post thing more often now so you should pop over and "like" our page to follow what is going on with The Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop.

If you did not see it on our Facebook page, we posted some pictures of a few of the great gifts we will be giving to the folks whose passports get pulled from the bucket of finished passports turned in. We've included a few photos below.

Let us know what you love about Shop Hop.