Monday, February 27, 2012

Best in Show at Quilts and Fixins

 Quilts and Fixins is always bustling this time of year, getting ready for the Shop Hop.  For our Day at the Fair theme, we picked a Dog Show (you're shocked, I know).  We've been busy stocking our shelves with loads of great puppy prints and making canine-inspired quilts to adorn our walls.  We've also got a great trunk show heading our way with lots of great patterns from The Whole Country Caboodle.


The In the Dog House pattern comes with a printed panel of A Dog's Prayer:   
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray this man will always keep.  I pray for gourmet doggy treats, and waterproof boots on soggy streets.  I pray my food bowl is always full, for knotted rope to tug and pull.  I pray my life will be full of bliss, and you’ll always accept my sloppy kiss.  I love my master for all his care, for when I need him he’s always there.  For I will never have to pretend, I know that I’m my master’s Best Friend! 
How sweet is that? 

Our feline fans need not worry.  We've got you covered as well with some great new patterns and fabric lines, including Cattitudes, an adorable group by Red Rooster Fabrics 

and a fun-filled bright assortment called Caterwauling Tales, from RJR fabrics.

And, as always we'll have plenty to see and do - games, prizes, and surprises.  We can't wait for Shop Hop to begin, and we hope you're looking forward to it, too.  See you soon!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We Love the Fair!

Hi there!
Since you don’t have enough junk information, I thought you’d like to see me “owling” or at least my version! This is the day before our store move began. At the end I’ll only be able to do “planking” since I’m sure I’ll be flat out!

I don’t remember who suggested this year’s fair theme, but it’s very meaningful to me. My mom was a 4H leader and the fair was the biggest event of the year. Four days of junk food, late nights, and running all over the Montgomery County Fair Grounds in Dayton, Ohio, like so many birds. My sister and I each did a demonstration at the 4H tent and a good time was had by all in spite of the intense late summer heat.

My first big date with my husband was to the Ohio State Fair. After a 15 hour day together, we were still getting along so we decided we might have something special. That was 40 years ago.
We hope our colored lights and popcorn machine and general old timey air will bring back happy memories for you, too.

See you at the Fair!

Mary Anne
and the gang at Red Hen

Friday, February 17, 2012

So Charming!

Charm bracelets have been so popular in past Shop Hops that we’re featuring them again this year.  What better way to represent the Rodeo at Little Quilts than with a lucky horse-shoe charm!  The charms will be $3 each or free with a $10 purchase.

Each shop will feature a different charm – plan now to visit each shop and collect all ten charms!  We’re taking preorders now for  bracelets, $5.99,  necklaces, $9.99,  and special Shop Hop 2012 charms ($3).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Quilts prize basket

For a fun time at the rodeo, visit us at Little Quilts during the 13th Annual Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop, March 22 - 25!  We’ve lassoed up a heap of new books and patterns that you’re going to love and the barn is full of reproduction and contemporary fabrics along with our popular new line of fabric, “Hampton Farms” and lots of new wool. 

In addition, we’ve roped in some great trunk shows for the event.   Games, prizes, free patterns, and fun for all!  See for full details about this year’s Shop Hop.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sound Off!

Sound Off!

Hello out there in Quiltyland! We are moving NEXT WEEK, so all is aflutter at Red Hen. Every inch of our store is being repainted and redone just in time to Hop! In addition, we’re receiving 500 bolts of fabric in the next 2 weeks alone! AAAARRGGHHH!

When we have meetings about the Shop Hop, we all have our opinions, but we’d appreciate some feedback from you guys. Here are a few questions, but you can feel free to add any comments you want.

1. Are you planning to do the Shop Hop this year?
2. Have you done it before?
3. Do you plan to finish the whole thing?
4. What is your favorite part?
5. What is you least favorite element?
6. Do you ever make any of the quilts or block projects generated by the block patterns you collect?
7. What would you like to see that you don’t currently see in the stores?
8. Do you have any theme ideas you would like to share?

You can make a difference! We can’t wait to hear from you.
The gang at Red Hen Fabrics.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Quilts - A sneak peak at one of the shops on the HOP

We’re getting ready for A Day At the Fair for the Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop, March 22 – 25.  Here at Little Quilts we’re having a rodeo with lots of fun and games planned.
Each shop will have a different 12” Basket Block available for you.  We can’t show you ours yet, but we’re making a Rodeo Picnic Table Topper.  We’ll have kits available if you’d like to make one, too!

If you weren’t able to get to New York for the Red/White quilt exhibit, now is your chance to see a mini version of the show right here at Little Quilts.  From Feb. 13 – 18 the shop will be hosting a Red and White Quilt Show you won’t want to miss!  To make your visit doubly rewarding, visit the shop on Valentine’s Day and make a purchase -- 10% of all sales on Feb. 14 will go to The American Heart Association to benefit women’s heart health.  
 For those of you visiting the shop on Thursday, Feb. 16, join us from 2pm – 8pm  to sew pillowcases benefiting  ConKerr Cancer (sign ups for this event are requested).  Fun, door prizes, and free patterns for all who attend.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oops! Don't post personal info on Facebook

If you're entering the Ideas For Shop Hop Contest, email me at

I don't want your personal info posted on my Facebook page - definitely not a good idea to do this! Actually, if you've been to my shop before, we probably already have your contact info, so just submit your ideas thru email and if your idea is selected, I'll notify you thru email......

Sooooo, who's got a great idea for making this year's Shop Hop the best ever?

NEW! Contest - Win Prizes - Enter Now!!!

I'm giving away 2 prizes:
1st place - $50.00 gift certificate
2nd place - $25.00 gift certificate
for the best ideas that we can incorporate into this year's Shop Hop!

So, come on all you creative quilters.....
Submit your ideas by February 29th to be eligible, and I'll select the winners on March 1st. I'll post the winners here, along with some (or possibly all) of the ideas.
To enter, go to my Facebook page and post your ideas as a comment:

The Gift Certificates are redeemable at Georgia Sewing & Quilting only and good through 2012. Multiple entries are fine.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plank You Very Much

Remember us? Thank you so much for your patience. The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated! It took us a few false starts to find the perfect place to take our store. But we have high hopes for an old friend, the Marietta Drapery Building! We first opened there about 8 years ago and as you can see, we’re floating on air about the change!

We’re fluffing up the old place now and hope to be open in a few weeks. See you soon at 22 Trammell Street, where Shop Hop preparations have begun. Hint: We’re practicing mooing!