Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sound Off!

Sound Off!

Hello out there in Quiltyland! We are moving NEXT WEEK, so all is aflutter at Red Hen. Every inch of our store is being repainted and redone just in time to Hop! In addition, we’re receiving 500 bolts of fabric in the next 2 weeks alone! AAAARRGGHHH!

When we have meetings about the Shop Hop, we all have our opinions, but we’d appreciate some feedback from you guys. Here are a few questions, but you can feel free to add any comments you want.

1. Are you planning to do the Shop Hop this year?
2. Have you done it before?
3. Do you plan to finish the whole thing?
4. What is your favorite part?
5. What is you least favorite element?
6. Do you ever make any of the quilts or block projects generated by the block patterns you collect?
7. What would you like to see that you don’t currently see in the stores?
8. Do you have any theme ideas you would like to share?

You can make a difference! We can’t wait to hear from you.
The gang at Red Hen Fabrics.


SewLindaAnn said...

Happy to hear the shop is coming back soon! I am planning on doing just a few local shops this year, and yes I have done it before. With the distance and time it takes it's impossible for me to go to all of them unless I take a vacation for a few days. My fave part is the party atmosphere and specials offered by some shops. I have not made the blocks, but have admired the quilts in the shops. If I think of themes, I'll email ya!

Lisa C in GA. said...

Okay, I'm game :)
1. Yes, I'm planning to do the Shop Hop.
2. No, this will be my first time.
3. Yes, I plan to go to all the stores, if I can.
4. Don't know yet, but I'm hoping there will be some giveaways or good sales/specials.
5. Don't know yet, but at this point, just the travelling. It would be more fun if I had a quilty friend to travel with.
6. Again, first time so haven't done any of that before...but I did participate in Intown Quilter's challenge this year, to make a quilt to be used at the ship hop in the 'show'. I'm excited about it, and will be dropping it off to them this weekend :D
7. I'd like a better selection of modern fabrics, and a larger offering of linens and quilter's linens, in lots of colors, I guess. Affordable classes for teens and pre-teens would be great, too.
8. No, I'm not quite sure what you mean...maybe if I knew of some prior themes?

I'm excited about the Shop Hop. and I'm pleased to hear you'll be opening again :)

Quiltin' Jenny said...

1. Hopefully
2. Yes, but not in several years
3. I'd like to, but it's unlikely
4. Seeing stores that I don't normally get to, their unique personalities, and what's new
5. The short window. I have only been able to see every store once in over a decade.
6. No, but I like to see them
7. Can't think of anything unless you can invent a way to conquer Atlanta traffic!
8.Hard to think of one you haven't already done. How about different styles of music? Rock, pop, jazz, country, classical, hip hop, swing...and so on.