Monday, February 27, 2012

Best in Show at Quilts and Fixins

 Quilts and Fixins is always bustling this time of year, getting ready for the Shop Hop.  For our Day at the Fair theme, we picked a Dog Show (you're shocked, I know).  We've been busy stocking our shelves with loads of great puppy prints and making canine-inspired quilts to adorn our walls.  We've also got a great trunk show heading our way with lots of great patterns from The Whole Country Caboodle.


The In the Dog House pattern comes with a printed panel of A Dog's Prayer:   
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray this man will always keep.  I pray for gourmet doggy treats, and waterproof boots on soggy streets.  I pray my food bowl is always full, for knotted rope to tug and pull.  I pray my life will be full of bliss, and you’ll always accept my sloppy kiss.  I love my master for all his care, for when I need him he’s always there.  For I will never have to pretend, I know that I’m my master’s Best Friend! 
How sweet is that? 

Our feline fans need not worry.  We've got you covered as well with some great new patterns and fabric lines, including Cattitudes, an adorable group by Red Rooster Fabrics 

and a fun-filled bright assortment called Caterwauling Tales, from RJR fabrics.

And, as always we'll have plenty to see and do - games, prizes, and surprises.  We can't wait for Shop Hop to begin, and we hope you're looking forward to it, too.  See you soon!

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