Thursday, November 20, 2008

Magic in Grandma's Closet

My fondest childhood memories are the times I spent with my maternal grandmother, going through her closet and bureau drawers, picking out dresses and hats and shoes and purses so that I could play dress-up. I spent hours making up elaborate stories of elegant ladies, all the while dressed in my grandmother's worn dresses and cast off shoes and hats. My grandparents lived in the country on a working farm, and she had beautiful flower gardens where I was allowed to play to my heart's content, as well as the many hours I spent turning her modest bedroom into my fancy boudoir! That's me in all my finery shown in the photo!

These are warm memories dear to my heart, and this is what we'll be recreating for you at Sweet Home Quilt Co. during The Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop, March 26-29, 2009. It's not too early to begin making your plans to enjoy "The Magic of Childhood" with all nine participating Atlanta area quilt shops.

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crazy quilter said...

Sounds fun. What a great picture!