Monday, January 5, 2009

A Day at the Farm

Mary Anne Henderson from Red Hen Fabrics will offer and author signed book
called "Ribbon, the Art of Adornment", for the best photo of a farm or personal
farm memory.

Here is a memory from my uncles who were raised on a small farm in Missouri.

"We raised cotton, which is a backbreaking crop. I remember shopping cotton for hours on end while our dad, who was a schoolteacher, went uptown to play pinochle with his buddies. You are chopping the weeds out, but they come right back. I vowed everyday not to be in the farming business. That's how I got into cars, though, because I could fix farm machinery and our ratty old truck. I never farmed for a living." James
Klinkhardt, Hayti, Mo. who died last month at the age of 92.

Send in your memories or pictures of farm life.

Comments are due in by Sunday the 18th and the winner will be announced on the 19th.


LorraineM said...

I wasn't raised on a typical farm. We only had four acres of land, but you would have thought it was the richest farm land around. My grandfather immigrated from Germany where he was a gardener apprentince. He left for American shortly before the war at the age of 19. He loved the land and grew tomatoes and cucumbers among other veggies in any inch of the yard tht would grow something. I loved spending time with Grandpa in the garden and hearing about his home land of Germany. He has passed away 25 years ago but every time I plant tomatoes in my yard and smell the scent of that plant, it is as if my grandfather is standing next to me, explaining how to care for the plants correctly. To this day, nothing taste better than red ripe tomatoe freshly picked from the garden.

Churndash said...

I used to spend summers on my uncle's farm in Wyoming. I loved being a farm girl for several weeks each year even though my cousins called me a "city slicker." Lots of fresh air and hard work: from gathering eggs from the hen house to hanging out the laundry to working in the hay fields to bringing the cows home to be milked in the evening. We also found time for plenty of horseback riding, swimming in the local swimming hole, campouts, cookouts and family togetherness.