Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preview the 2009 Shop Hop Charms

Hi again, Melisa from Sweet Home Quilt Co. here, with an update on the 2009 shop hop charms. Each shop has received a sample charm bracelet with all of the 2009 charms on it, which is available for you to preview. Also available is a charm pin holder. Each individual shop has selected a charm and there is also a 2009 Shop Hop charm for a total of 10 charms to collect. I tried to take a couple of pictures showing the sample bracelet and charms, but I'm not the best photographer in the world! Maybe you'll get an idea anyway!

These items must be pre-ordered and prepaid, and will be available for pick-up during Shop Hop in March. You will need to contact each individual shop to place your charm order. Cost of the charms is $2.99 each, bracelets $5.99 each, and charm pin holders $9.99 each. Participating shops have a very limited supply so don't wait to place your orders!

Here's the list of shops and their respective charms:
A Scarlet Thread - pin cushion
Heritage Quilts & Fabrics - Shoo Fly block
Intown Quilters - Log Cabin block
Little Quilts - thimble
Patrick's - Dresden Plate block
Quilts 'N Fixins - sewing machine
Red Hen Fabrics - scissors
Sweet Home Quilt Co. - Basket block
Tiny Stitches - spool

I am really happy with how these have turned out, and I know you're going to want to collect these charms, too, to commemorate the 2009 Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop! Call any of the participating quilt shops if you have questions or need more information.

On another topic, here's a reminder about the giveaway I'm currently hosting here on the Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop blog (see my previous post.) Leave a comment on that post and be eligible to win a cute little Sweet Treats bag! Tell all your friends to leave a comment and mention your name in their comment to be eligible to win a Sweet Treats Bake Shop Box yourself! The giveaway ends February 27th.

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather!

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Karmen said...

I cannot wait to participate in the "Shop Hop." This will be my first shop hop experience!

Cheryl said...

The charms look really nice. Looking forward to participating!

Anonymous said...

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