Friday, April 3, 2009

2009 Shop Hop Quilts

For those of you who didn't get to participate in this year's Shop Hop, or maybe weren't able to make it to all nine shops, I thought you might like to see the Shop Hop quilts that each participating shop put together. I am always amazed at the differences!
Heritage Quilts & Fabrics featured Christmas Morning as their theme interpretation.
Intown Quilters featured Summer Vacations.

Little Quilts carried out a Circus theme for the day. Check out their blog for more Shop Hop photos.

Patrick's featured a Weekend at Grandma's.

Quilts and Fixins' theme was Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Red Hen's theme was A Day at the Farm. The first photo is their quilt in its entirety, and I also included a close-up of the center portion of the quilt. This is not a panel - it is entirely appliqued. Amazing detail!

Sweet Home Quilt Co. played dress up in Grandma's Closet. Our quilt featured our Cut Glass Dish block in our signature black and white fabrics with a little green thrown in for good measure! Check out our blog for more Shop Hop pictures.
I did not get to see the quilts from Tiny Stitches or A Scarlet Thread. They will probably post photos later, or you may be able to see them on their individual websites.
The Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop 2009 was a blast! And we're already making plans for next year. Thanks to everyone for their support and patronage at the participating shops.
Sweet Home Quilt Co.
SAVE THE DATES: MARCH 18, 19, 20 & 21, 2010.


Gary Goh said...

Thanks for posting 2009 Shop Hop Quilts.:)

The quilts featured are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

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