Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop hop is close now!

We are approximately a month away from the 2011 Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop and we have CHARMS….in the house!.  That is a play on words because the theme for the Shop Hop is A Quilter’s Tour Of Homes.  You will visit a castle, a haunted house, a schoolhouse, and a firehouse to name a few.  11 in all.  At each shop, you will receive a charm representing that destination, free with any $10 purchase or you may buy one or all for $3.  The charm bracelets, to hold your collection of fond memories, will be $5.  Here is a sneak peek.

If we do say so ourselves, we (the quilt shop owners) have designed an eye popping fabric for the 2011 Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop.  It is a black background with all the sites and landmarks of Georgia that you can think of.  You can pre-order now, at any of the participating shops.  There is still availability.  Don’t wait until the actual Shop Hop if you are sure you want some.

Little Quilts has made a pillowcase and a wallet using the fabric along with a print and a batik.  See the Shop Hop fabric goes with just about anything.


Anonymous said...

why are there 12 charms and only 11 shops?

Deborah said...

Have you ever considered an internet based "shop hop" for bloggers.... who cannot go through your doors as they are a bit far away

Deborah, Australia