Monday, January 30, 2012

Shop Hop 2012

Here at Patrick's we're getting new fabric in and getting ready for Shop Hop. We've had some cold and rainy days lately, which are great for hiding in our sewing rooms and working on a quilt top all day. Of course I think any day is a good day for working on a quilt top. When we do have a chance to sew all day the last thing we want to do is cook dinner for our families. What is your favorite quick and easy recipe when you have to have something really fast for dinner?  Here's one of my favorites to get you started. Put a slow cooker liner in your slow cooker. Put in a Boston Butt pork roast, set it to cook for 10 hours on low. No salt or anything else. When dinner time comes separate the meat and fat. Serve on buns with barbeque sauce. Add a prepackaged salad. Dinner is served in 15 minutes. You have gotten to sew all day and your family is happy.

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Kona Bay Fabrics Blog said...

Best of luck to all the great shops involved in this wonderful quilt shop hop!! We strongly encourage all quilters to support these outstanding shops who do so much to promote quilting!

Aloha and mahalo!

Douglas Eagleson
Kona Bay Fabrics