Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shop Hop Website

Hi Folks!
We are getting the shop hop website and blog up and going for shop hop this March 23rd-25th, 2012. Visit the website to see what our theme and prizes are going to be.

Intown Quilters is having a challenge for shop hop this year. Shop Hop 2012 Challenge!

This year the shop hop theme is a Day at the Fair and Intown Quilters is going to have showcase quilt competition like you'd see at a State Fair and we need competitors. We are hoping some of you might like to make a quilt, or project for our competition. The due date is February 26th.

The challenge works like this. Come into the shop and pick out a pattern (from a pattern or book we carry in the shop) for a quilt, piece of clothing, bag, or table runner, etc.  Then pick current fabric in the shop. You purchase that pattern and fabric, complete the project and then turn it in by Februray 26, 2012. When you turn it in, you will receive a certificate good for 100% of your entry’s purchase price. For example: if you spent $80 on your project, you get an $80 gift certificate. Your entry becomes free. Your entry will be hung in the shop and become part a part of our Shop Hop celebration. There is not much time, so come in and let us help you pick out something fun to make. We have seen some great projects picked out this last week

Ribbons will be awarded the projects. too. Mary Carlock has a plan for some neat ribbons so plan out some great projects.

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Lisa C in GA. said...

Do you keep the quilts/projects, or do they return to the person who made them after the "fair" is over? Thanks :D